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New Quizzes: Sort Moderate Quiz

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New Quizzes: Sort Moderate Quiz

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Being able to sort the Moderate Quiz page would help to quickly find students, sort by score etc.

Additional features may include filtering and/or sorting by course section.

Some ideas have been posted earlier but didnt recieve enough votes, e.g." modifiedtitle="true" title="Sorting by Course Section i..." modifiedtitle="true" title="Sorting by Course Section i... . Now that Quizzes.Next is basically the default it is time to make this fully functional...

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Please add your comments and support to We've archived this one to keep the conversation unified in one spot.

In the meantime, the Moderate Quiz page in New Quizzes provides a search field, as depicted in the Moderate Assessment section of How do I moderate a student's assessment attempt in New Quizzes?  This is a great way to find a particular student quickly.

Thanks, Bernhard.

Filters and search functions are not the same a sort button/function... Anyway, I am up to support whichever way to make the Moderate Quiz more navigatable and useful.