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New Quizzes: Sort Moderate Quiz

New Quizzes: Sort Moderate Quiz


Being able to sort the Moderate Quiz page would help to quickly find students, sort by score etc.

Additional features may include filtering and/or sorting by course section.

Some ideas have been posted earlier but didnt recieve enough votes, e.g." modifiedtitle="true" title="Sorting by Course Section i..." modifiedtitle="true" title="Sorting by Course Section i... . Now that Quizzes.Next is basically the default it is time to make this fully functional...

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Instructure Alumni

 @bernhard_lohkam ‌

Please add your comments and support to We've archived this one to keep the conversation unified in one spot.

In the meantime, the Moderate Quiz page in New Quizzes provides a search field, as depicted in the Moderate Assessment section of How do I moderate a student's assessment attempt in New Quizzes?  This is a great way to find a particular student quickly.

Thanks, Bernhard.

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Filters and search functions are not the same a sort button/function... Anyway, I am up to support whichever way to make the Moderate Quiz more navigatable and useful.


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The fact that the moderate is not in student Alpha order is driving me crazy!   The grade book allows each column to be sorted - maybe that would work here.  I like the filter out - but seriously - alpha order is necessary.  

By the way - what order is it currently in? I can't figure out a pattern.


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Agree with you, mgarlit. 
Canvas- please help make new quizzes easier on the teacher end. Love the options for building a new quiz, but there are lots of great requests on here about new quizzes and grading. Please keep working on it for us. 

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The 'Moderate This Quiz' page would indeed be SO much more useful if it could be filtered – at least by course section, at the minimum. That capability alone – together with the fact that the smaller number of students would allow those students to be viewed on a single page – would make it IMMENSELY more usable, especially for distance learning.

Without a course section filter, seeing which students in the current class meeting have not started the quiz is much more difficult because it is so hard to compare to a class roster (or a Zoom Participants list) when all sections' other students are mixed into the list. Furthermore, communicating the need to make up a quiz to absent students would greatly facilitated with course section filtering.

Also, when a time limit is set, having to click back and forth between 2-3 different pages of students to add more time is itself time-consuming, and consequently I've had students get timed out who actually might have deserved more time because of IEP or 504 accommodations. Course section filtering would help prevent that.

Grouping would also be a great option so that students who should always get more time can be set up for it.

If course section filtering is not feasible, the viewing of all students on a single 'Moderate This Quiz' page would be somewhat helpful instead. Having to open and toggle between different pages is more cumbersome, time consuming, and upsetting for students when they get timed out unnecessarily.

Please implement course section filtering (and other filtering options) to 'Moderate This Quiz' for both Classic and New Quiz functions!

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100% agree!!

Why is it not at least in alphabetical order? I've got over 400 students, and cannot believe there is no ability to sort. Even really simple tasks are made incredibly difficult, and the individual search function just does not cut it. Alphabetical order is crucial, at a minimum. And as mgarlit asks, what order is it currently in? Seems completely random.