Notifications by Sections

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Allow teachers to only see notifications for their section if multiple teachers using same course. 

Could identify teacher and link to their section only and they have to choose if they want to access other sections and when.

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Hi, our school has recently changed to using one Canvas page for one subject in each year group, which means all classes (e.g. A/B/C/D) in the same year group will be using the same Canvas page. Is there a way to receive the students submission notifications (or any other notification) according to the class/section? Receiving 100 plus emails that are not related to my class is quite inconvenient... but I would also like to keep the notifications on just for my class.

Thank you very much.

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As a support instructor, I don't want to get notifications from classes that I support but I do need access to assignments and grades some times.  This feature would be useful to me in that I could set myself up as the instructor for a "dummy" empty section and still have access to other sections.

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This feature is so needed. We have one course with several sections and it is extremely unhelpful to receive notifications for every user in all sections when the instructor only needs notifications for their section

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We need this