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Notifications for replies to announcements

Notifications for replies to announcements

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I encourage my students to reply to announcements. I do not receive a notification of such replies (and there is no setting to allow me to do so). Nor do they receive notifications if I reply to their reply (ditto). It would be very helpful if I/they did, because having to click through every course to check whether there are replies is a time-consuming pain. It would be enough if the announcement icon on the tile for each course on the dashboard was activated each time there is a new reply as well as each time there is a new announcement.

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@quiddity ...

In my own testing, I did receive a notification (via my e-mail address) of a reply to an announcement.  First, I went to both my account "Notifications" page and my course "Notifications" page to ensure that the line "Announcements Created By You" was set to notify me immediately via e-mail address.  (If you hover over the text, "Announcements Created By You", this tells you that it includes "Replies to announcements you've created".  Then, I masqueraded as a dummy student, logged in to my sandbox course where I already had an announcement created, and I replied to that announcement as the dummy student.  It took a few minutes, but I did get an e-mail notification that the dummy student account had replied to my posted announcement.  A similar notification was sent to my Canvas Teacher app on my iPhone/Apple Watch...because I also had that set up to notify me immediately as well.

Not sure if this will help or not, but I thought I'd share what I've found.

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@chofer thanks. Hmmmm. It does seem that I had missed that setting under my own notification settings (it's very well hidden!). I had if off, because why on earth would I want a notification of my own announcements? So perhaps that solves the problem for me. I don't know whether it solves it for my students, though. Will investigate.