Option for missing assignments to get a zero if using external tool



There should be an option to select whether the missing/late policy applies to external tool assignments.


Problem scenario

An instructor using the New Gradebook sets the Missing Submission Policy to automatically give a zero grade for missing submissions after the due date.  A student doesn't submit an assignment which uses an external tool (LTI).  The assignment is not marked as missing because it uses an external tool, so the student thinks that their grade is higher than it is and that missing an assignment didn't adversely affect their grade.



The New Gradebook should have an option for the Missing Submission Policy to apply to all assignments consistently-- including external tool assignments.


Possible arguments against this idea:

  • Although a Support Engineer pointed out it would be problematic to force all external tools to use the missing submission policy because some external tools don't provide an immediate grade, adding an option for it eliminates this argument.
  • Although instructors can manually set the default score for an assignment, this is a very manual process especially for courses with frequent assignments and there is an unnecessary delay for students to have accurate Grades.


If an instructor goes out of their way to set the Missing Submission Policy to assign zeros for missing assignments, it's counter-intuitive that there's no way for it to apply to external tool assignments.  The instructor should have the option for the Missing Submission Policy to apply to all assignments consistently.

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IN the gradebook we are able to "Set default grade" for an assignment. This is helpful because we can put a min F in but if the assignment was from some LTIs, Canvas does not recognize it as missing and parents see a 50% but they never get notice their child has missing assignments. Missing assignments is often what parents are looking for. Right now, a teacher has to go manually into each kid and set that as the grade status, it is not even allowed to type M in the gradebook like you can type EX and even this is faster to sort and go down the line and type M. If a teacher with a certain LTI for assignments and quizzes has 200 students and they want the student and parent to see the "Missing" status from Canvas and be consistent with the student's other classes, they have to manually click each student and change the status to Missing. The gradebook can be set up to automatically put 50% when something is missing but this does not apply to certain LTIs. I would like to have the 2 options

  1. be able to type M in the gradebook column for assignments that are missing 9instead of opening the student and clicking M as the grade status manually for my LTI assignments (my entire course)
  2. be able to type M as the "set default grade" 
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When I use an LTI for a canvas assignment it does not automatically update the assignment status (missing, late, etc).  So I have to go in to gradebook to manually mark them missing and then manually mark them late once they are turned in.  Isn't there a way for these to update automatically like quizzes and non-LTI canvas assignments do?  It would be a big time saver and help kids manage their work better.


Kelly Johnson
Science 8

Midvale Middle

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Please revise gradebook synch so that zeros for missing functionality works for google cloud assignments. 

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I, too, am adding my upvote. I utilize LTI tools regularly for assignments in an online school and need students to have the most current grade feedback considering due dates and have multiple courses to manage.

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