Promotion / Discount Codes: Allow Maximum Number of Uses


My idea suggestion is to add a restriction to promotions that allows admins to assign a maximum number of uses before a promotion code is inactivated (as opposed to only restricting by date). For instance, after 50 uses of a discount code, automatically deactivate the promotion code. 

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Any updated about this? Is this idea already added? We too try to limit the maximum number of discount codes on Vouchers4U available for use.

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+1  — We would also like to see this built out as a feature. It would be very useful!

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Our institution is very eager for this feature.

We mainly sell business to business. Our clients will buy 12 seats, for example, then give the promo code to their students.

We have been using creative ways to limit the number of students that sign up with a given promotion code, but being able to add a limit on the number of times the promo code is used, would vastly improve this scenario!

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+1 this idea would be very useful for our organization. 

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+1 Use limits on promotion codes would be the #1 improvement to Catalog for our organization. We've been using Programs with enrollment caps as a workaround, but it's both more time consuming and less effective than using promo codes would be.

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