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Regrade New Quizzes

Regrade New Quizzes

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New Quizzes have a lot of quirks that need to be ironed out. One of which is the regrade option. As is, if you need to regrade a whole class, you'd need to do so manually for each student. The process is also time consuming. Here are the directions I received from Canvas Support for this issue: 

"To do this you will go into the quiz, and then click on the moderate tab. Then for each student, you
will click on their attempt. then click into the score area for one of the questions, and then click out, and then click the update scores at the bottom. This will pass the updated grade to the gradebook for
that student."

Helpful, but way too much time. We need a simple button that allows for regrading options, whether full class full quiz, full class single questions, or something else. 

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I agree! Please add a REGRADE ALL function... having to do is one by one is HORRIBLE!

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I agree with all the comments on this fed...this issue should be revised promptly; especially in the imminent change to NEW QUIZ and losing the Classic Quiz option!

My institution is investing time and money migrating all the material we currently have in Classic Quiz to the NEW QUIZ and as an administrator of the account, I only see problems without this function in the near future (on top of the ones we have already had to experience!) 

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Had a multiple-choice test and the question-answer was incorrect. Corrected the question in the quiz and it showed to regrade. Had to manually go in and regrade each student's question. UGH! Please correct ASAP!!