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Robust Canvas Profiles, Displaying Enrolled and Previously Enrolled Classes Feature

Robust Canvas Profiles, Displaying Enrolled and Previously Enrolled Classes Feature



We are LGTV Studio, a team of User Experience Designers studying how to maximize student communication and improve online class community. Our goal this semester was to build upon the current Canvas Profile feature, in a way that is user friendly, and would encourage students to connect and network.

Robust Canvas Profiles is an improvement of Canvas’ current social tool. Our team has implemented various features for students to connect and network with one another. We believe that this tool helps them understand their classmates better and improves their desire to interact with the online community. 

Of our redesigns, this submission addresses adding previously enrolled classes and currently enrolled classes for display on the Canvas Profile. This will be optional, students can decide whether to show their classes or not. We wanted to add this feature because we discovered that students want to connect with like-minded students or students that share the same classes, major, etc. There were also many online forums where students asked about certain courses. To address these concerns we thought it would be great to add these features to Canvas Profiles so that students can see which students are in their class or which students have taken similar classes.

We have attached a presentation including interview notes, reflections, and a few photos to document our static prototype redesign.


This is the link to our Google Survey 


We hope you are all safe and thriving during this time of distress. We hope this can be implemented to further help our students feel connected. 


LGTV Studio  


Lindsay Roach

Gina Yoo

Tess Dziallo

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Community Team

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