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Rotating Course Schedule for Calendar

Rotating Course Schedule for Calendar

My school has a 8 day rotating schedule in which there are 4 even day classes and 4 different odd day classes.  The even and odd days snake through each school day (meaning if we don't have school on a Monday, then the classes that would have met on Monday are now on Tuesday).  It can be difficult to keep straight.  It would be extremely helpful for the ability to show which classes meet on which days on the calendar.  This would help students to also keep track of the due dates of the assignments.  Perhaps a toggle switch to see course meeting times, in addition to the one for assignments for each course.  Schools can then assist and manage alter schedule days with out having to fill up announcements and/or rely on due dates as an indicator. 

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At our school, we have added a "homeroom" class that the entire school is enrolled in. We use the Course Calendar for that school-wide class to push a lot of our administrative things to student calendars. (We organize our school year into "Work Weeks", and one of the ways students can see which Work Week we're currently in is that we post them as Events to the Homeroom Calendar each week. We also post things like school-wide field trips or special events.)

The best current workaround I can think of for you is to do something similar: create a school-wide "class" with no assignments and basically everything turned off (no Modules, People, Chat, Assignments, etc), then add "A Day" or "B Day" (or Day 1 and Day 2, or Even Day and Odd Day, or Red Day and Blue Day, or whatever system you use) as an Event to each day in the Course Calendar for that class. Students could then toggle that "class" on or off in their calendar as they could for any other class.

I don't think there's any way to do this algorithmically, unfortunately, so it would be a tedious project for someone to get the data entered in the first place.

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I was hoping if you could provide an update with this.


Our organization also has a rotating 6 day schedule. Each work week, the schedule rotates one day. 


For example, our schedule is ABCDEF. Week one is ABDCE, Week two is FABCD, Week three is EFABC, etc. 


How can we accomplish this in Canvas?