Save drafts to the cloud


It would be great if drafts of pages/assignments/announcements etc were automatically saved to cloud a la Google Docs (or most any cloud service these days) as they are written.  Too many times have I started working on one and then lost the whole thing.  

Community Team
Community Team
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Auto Save was completed as part of the new RCE (rich content editor).  You can find more information in the Canvas Release Notes (2020-03-21) - Canvas Community 

Community Explorer

I see, thank you!  Thanks to Canvas for implementing this!  I have been using it.  Although I should probably let you know that there might be some bugs such as frequent prompts to restore "saved content" on posts that never had any earlier drafts.   If I recall, I think that in particular this sometimes happens on comments on an Announcement or Discussion post in which I will start to write a new comment and get asked if I would like to restore an earlier draft.  But that can't be right because I never had an earlier draft of that particular comment.  It's not a super big deal but just thought I'd let you know.