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Set LTI as Home Page

Set LTI as Home Page


To date, the full potential of utilizing LTIs is limited by the ability to set them as a Course Home Page.

I would like to propose: Adding LTI-Apps as an option in the "Choose Home Page" dialog.

This discussion initially started here: 

Current State

The following Screenshot displays the current state of the process to choose a Course Home Page.

Current state of setting a Course Home Page


I suggest to extend the dialog above by adding the option to set an LTI App as the Course Home Page, as displayed below:

Graphic displaying the suggested functionality

By having the ability to choose an LTI App as the Course Home Page, LTIs can become a more substantial part of the Canvas environment for Learners, Instructors and others and would enable Canvas operators to have a higher magnitude of flexibility and individualization.

Thanks  @dwahl_sales ‌ for referring me here.

Kind regards,

Sven Schneemann

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for submitting this idea,  @sschneemann2017 ‌! For context, please refer to the discussion here: 

Surveyor II

I'm voting this up!

Although we can redirect a page via custom JS, it would be better not to tamper with the native functionality and use a built-in one instead.