Sharing Item banks en masse. (New quizzes)


We have multiple people on our team, and since item banks (new quizzes) are linked to the person, we have to share each item bank to each person one at a time.   

To make things more efficient, could there be an option to share the item bank with more than one person at a time?   Like typing in [teacher_login1]; [teacher_login2]; [teacher_login3]?

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Yeah, why isn't this a thing already?  Would help with larger teams for sure

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Agreed. This is huge for faculty working with TAs to generate Item Banks. I feel like it'll be even more of an issue when we begin the mass migration to Canvas and support folks will have to be getting hands on in helping get things properly moved and set up.

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It just took me two hours to share 80 item banks to the course they were created in, because the graduate TA who created them had left. I also had to share them with other TAs just in case they are the ones who copy the course next term. This manual process was made extra tedious because I couldn't paste multiple values at once, I couldn't open the share feature in multiple tabs, and every time I clicked "Done," I was popped back up to the top of the list with nothing to indicate what had already been shared. So then I had to compare two screens side by side to see if I missed any banks. I probably still made mistakes, but I have no easy way of checking.

There were multiple user experience issues with the manual sharing process, and sharing to the same course the item bank was created in is odd enough. But it all would have felt a little more forgivable if there were a bulk sharing option.

If item bank sharing is to be the way New Quiz item banks are handled and kept secure, bulk sharing is an absolute must.

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Just want to add my support for this idea here. Our institution is still in the planning and beginning stage of New Quizzes transition but I can foresee this being a big issue. I initially thought adding new TAs who need access to Item Banks to the original course the Item Banks were created (or migrated) in would give these TAs access - it appears this is not the case?

Either way, both the ability to share a bank to multiple users and to share multiple banks at once would be a huge time saver. 

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