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Show Score Details with Quartiles

Show Score Details with Quartiles

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Currently, Score Details allow students to compare themselves to the class using a display of the minimum, mean, and maximum scores.  The analytics displays use a box-and-whisker style.  As an instructor, I find the latter is a far better choice.

Especially for larger classes (>40 or 50). There will always be outlier students.  It is inappropriate for students to be comparing themselves to those outliers.  For example, it is very common to have a non-participating student, resulting in a meaningless minimum score of zero.

There is also a subtle difference between showing the mean or median. The median is best for students to judge their performance against peers.

Box-and-whisker plots give a very intuitive display, easy to interpret even for students who aren't familiar with exactly how they are computed.

Community Team
Community Team
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I've seen students like to see how they did to the class average and low/high scores. It's great that its viewed as a box plot but whenever some students get a 0 on a score (from not doing it), it will drastically shift the average and no longer show the true lowest score. There should be a function that shows a box plot that doesn't include non-submissions, so students can see a more accurate representation of the classes average.