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I would like an option to be able to sort my assignments on the assignment screen.  Now they are just listed by when I put them in but I would love to be able to sort them alphabetically so it is easier to find something when I have a long list of assignments.  

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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, you might also want to add your comment and rating to this long-standing related idea; the idea description itself doesn't specify "alphabetical" but some of the user comments do. assignment ordering: "sort chronologically" button... - Canvas Community 

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Please add this feature to sort quizzes, assignments in assignments/modules/quizzes in an alphabetical order,

We are using Canvas in a high school setting and we have 100's of different asssignments, quizzes or daily grades (with reteach, redo, makeup requirements) and if we can not sort them alphabetically/by due dates, then it is such a time consuming job to search for any specific assignment from a few days back for reteach/retake opportunity.

Canvas must add this basic sorting feature. Since I am also using other web platforms such as Pearsons MathLab and Webassign, I can do a comparision of canvas with them and what features it is missing.In Canvs, it is so frustrating to search for old assignments or grades, or to reassign any missing assignment, etc.

Canvas needs to see how user friendly the other web platforms are ,

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I am in total agreement.  It would be extremely helpful to be able to sort quizzes, assignments, etc.  Right now I have to physically rearrange the items.  Being able to sort would be a great time saver.

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Please make this happen soon-- there are so many assignments and it would be so helpful to be able to sort them in various ways so we can find what we are looking for.  This feature could also make the assignments link helpful for the students (middle school), where right now it's more of a train wreck.  


Thanks for looking into this ASAP!

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Yes, please! This would save me so much time and make things easier for students. Please do this soon!

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This just makes sense. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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Yes! I would love this!

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Due date sort and alpha sort would be great. Also, a print function for the list would be appreciated. I had to go to student view to cobble together a printed/pdf list. That is, of course, if I didn't miss a hidden print button somewhere.

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I agree! It is very time consuming to scroll through all the assignments in my list trying to find the one I want. An alphabetical listing would be very helpful for assignments and quizzes as well.

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I agree, sorting assignments is a common ask for teachers in my district. They would like to sort by alpha, due date, and have the ability to manually arrange within a group. Thanks for considering.

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Please make this available. It would make Canvas more useful, user-friendly, and less of an incredibly time-consuming program. Please, please, please!

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