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Speedgrader - Complete vs Incomplete Threshold (for auto-scored items)

Speedgrader - Complete vs Incomplete Threshold (for auto-scored items)

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In auto-scored items, it kills me that you can only get a 'complete' score if you get a 100%. It would be amazing to be able to set a threshold for what score will count as 'complete.'

For example, a student does an LTI/External Tool assignment through GoFormative or NewsELA. The score of these assignments passes back to canvas as a partial point value. If it is anything less than 100%, the assignment is graded as "incomplete." I would like to be able to set this to 90% or something of that nature.

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Community Team
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Currently if an instructor wants to grade an assignment as Complete/Incomplete, students need to score 100% in order to have the "complete" status in the grade book. Instructors then need to manually change any "incompletes" to "complete". This is very time consuming, especially when an instructor is looking for completion. We need a way to either adjust the % for each assignment, allowing instructors to determine what is "complete" or change this setting to truly show if something was competed, regardless of score.

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Please make it so that an incomplete could be marked as 50% and not as a zero! This is not standards based to give them a zero and makes the grade book complete/incomplete unusable.


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We ran into this with Kaltura video quizzes. We want anyone who took the quiz at all to get credit, but there seems to way to do this—getting even a single question wrong seems to mark the assignment as "incomplete." An adjustable threshold for LTI/External Tool assignments would help!

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Consider the following upgrades


Complete -- has met all requirements = full credit
Incomplete-- has met some requirements = partial credit
No Submission  = 0

 Excused =?

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An instructor wants to say, "If you scored a 70%, I'll give you full credit for the quiz." To my knowledge, this cannot be (easily) done in Canvas.

At present, "Complete/Incomplete" is an option in the "Display Grade As" field.

Three other options in the "Display Grade As" field trigger some functionality to be shown or suppressed:

  • "Letter Grade" & "GPA Scale" both trigger an option that allows the instructor to "View grading scheme".
  • "Not Graded" turns off virtually all of the assignment options.

Following that same behavior, the option "Complete/Incomplete" could be designed to turn on one additional field. Something like, "Percent threshold". If someone types in "70"... then, the instructor would have what they need: When students score 70 or greater, the assignment is marked as "Complete". When students score 69 or lower, the assignment is marked as "Incomplete." 

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I like the convenience of the complete / incomplete grading for daily work, but need more options. Incomplete doesn't necessarily mean a zero. If, as a teacher, I could decide that incomplete would be an 80 or a 75 for each assignment, that would be helpful. Then there needs to be a zero option just in case students submit a blank page or the wrong assignment. That way I could reassign it AND get it off my "to do" list.

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It would be amazing to have complete/incomplete work like module requirements. The teacher could set a threshold and the assignment would be marked as complete if the student hits that threshold. Similar to module requirements, except instead of the next assignment opening, the student receives complete credit. I use this for reviews, I want the students to score at least 75-80% on the review and I will give full credit, but it is tedious to have to go in and change all the incomplete to complete

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Now all of a sudden, complete/incomplete are marking all submissions as complete! Why has this changed?!! It makes marking incomplete more difficult since new quizzes do not go to the speed grader anymore for complete/incomplete.