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Student-dependent annotation controls that do not reset

Student-dependent annotation controls that do not reset

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I am an instructor.  While annotating pdf submissions during grading (on Teacher app), it would be very useful if

  1. the color of the pen would remain whatever it was the last time I viewed that particular submission...different submissions can have different tints depending on how the students scanned their document.  Therefore, I am often switching between different colors of pens.  If I select a blue pen the first time I view the submission from student X, I would like the pen to automatically return to blue the next time I view that submission (say to grade the next problem).

  2. the pen would remain selected as I move to the next submission...usually when I move to the next student's submission, the annotation toolbar resets so that the pen is no longer selected.  Therefore, I have to re-select the pen option each time, which is obviously not optimal.
  3. the pen would remain the same color before and after erasing...sometimes if I have recently changed the color of the pen (say from red to blue), then write something (in blue), switch to eraser and erase, and then switch back (hoping to continue writing in blue), the pen will revert to red.  It's hard to tell what the exact circumstances for this bug are, but it should be fixed.

Suggestions (a) and (b) can be summarized as follows: what annotation controls were selected the last time I viewed a particular student's submission, I would like those same controls selected when I return to that submission.

Thank you!

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