Tag IEP and 504 students in SpeedGrader


It would help teachers greatly if when using SpeedGrader we were able to see some sort of tag or designation of students with an IEP or 504 so that we can apply accommodations as needed. Right now there is no way for us to know who these students are other than by memory.

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Absolutely helpful and time saving idea!!

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Agreed! This would be great!

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yes - I agree!

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This would be SO helpful and a time-saver.

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This would be a very useful feature fo k12 teachers and administrators

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Definitely need this ability to support teachers, admin, case managers, and mostly students.

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Yes, this would be helpful for SPED and GE teachers!!

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This would be so helpful, especially with distance learning requiring everything to be online and via Canvas.  It's a lot to track, and being able to apply accommodations on the spot would save a lot of time.

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This would be very helpful for teachers to be able to differentiate for students needing accommodations. Please consider this upgrade to the grade book and speedgrader.

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I am so down with this idea, If it is to difficult for the system to pull that from our SIS, create the ability that we can mark it with a specific color or code that we can see in Speed Grader. 

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You may be able to accomplish a similar functionality in SpeedGrader using sections. You could create a section (or have your Canvas administrator do it through a SIS import) that contains all of the students with IEP or 504. Then, in SpeedGrader or the Gradebook, you can filter by those students that belong to the section. 

You might also want to create a section that has all of the students except for those students, otherwise the IEP/504 students would show up in both the full class and the special section. I suppose you could grade the IEP/504 first and then look at the non-graded second.

I purposefully avoid this because when students view the People page, they can see what sections students are in and it seems like a really bad idea to have a section called "IEP/504" and have others be able to see that. You could create multiple groups, such as Cardinals, Robins, Sparrows, and then let one of them be the special group. If you disable the People page, then you might be able to get around that.

As for the gradebook, you can create a note for each student and then display the notes column in the gradebook. That functionality to display the note does not exist in SpeedGrader.

I teach higher ed, but there is no place in Canvas to designate that someone has an IEP or 504 status other than by using sections or gradebook notes. Is that a feature of the K12 Canvas or are you all asking for a brand new functionality (allow us to designate someone as IEP/504) that has to be put into place before you could then show it in the gradebook / SpeedGrader? In higher ed, our equivalent would be accommodations. The only place I know of that we can specify that a student receives accommodations and have it stick is in New Quizzes, but that's being developed as an external tool to Canvas.


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I appreciate the the suggestions to create a separate project group and to use the notes in the gradebook.

That being said, having a flag with a note in Speedgrader is the ideal place. Either by the grade field or by the name at the top would be great. There is more room by the grade field for a text notation.

An even better feature would be me simply remembering. I can't expect Canvas to solve this issue, though 🙂

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