The New Analytics Page - Recover the Navigation bar with arrows

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Hi! I hope your day is going well.

I went into Canvas to check students' weekly progress and found out that we have a new "New Analytics" interface instead of the usual "Course Analytics" page. On our previous Course Analytics page, there was an arrow button near the top-right side of the page that would allow us to navigate to the next/previous student without leaving the page. This function is no longer available and I have to enter or look up students' names each time I want to open up his/her weekly progress.  I love the new interface, but I really depended a lot on this navigation button.


So I guess my suggestion is:

  • Can you just recover that navigation bar to help us navigate through students in alphabetical order a lot more quickly?
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Sounds like an easy fix with no real down sides, and better for accessibility. 

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Problem statement:

In New Analytics, the view for individual students only allows you to return to the previous page with the "<-- Course Analytics" link at the top. In order to view another student, you have to return to that page, and select/search for the next student.

Proposed solution:

This request is to include a previous/last functionality, such as in the speedgrader, that would allow the instructor to move to the next student in the list without the additional click/scroll/search actions.

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