Toggle button for translation in New Quizzes


A toggle button should be made available to either prevent or allow translation in new quizzes. For World Language teachers we do not want to allow students to use the translation option while taking a language assessment.

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @jessica_gutierr -

I found an Idea that is currently open for discussion, and I want to make sure it'll meet your needs before I merge your idea with it. Could you review the overview and comments in this Idea?: Add content creation setting (to quizzes, assignments, etc.) for disabling Google page translation 

If it works, great! If not, what can we clarify with your idea so Community members understand the differences between the two Ideas?




Good Morning,

I saw the other post but it seems it specific to chrome... We do not have chrome and don't use it so I know it not how they are accessing it. Teachers have reported that it is happening with all browsers. If we could reword the other one to be more general that would be great as it does seem similar. This is something that has prevented all my world languages teachers in middle and high from using  Canvas. I am ok with combining if we can clear up the language or modify my language.

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @jessica_gutierr - Thanks for clarifying! This idea is now open for conversation.

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