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Unique External Links Per Section

Unique External Links Per Section

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With most schools around the world being pushed towards distance learning, teachers need a way to hold class meeting online. Using video meetings have become the norm and being able to schedule meeting that only students in each class can attend has been very useful in helping instructors handle classroom management. One way to make these meetings available to students is by creating an external link in a resource module, that students can click on during their scheduled class time. But currently this link is made available to all sections of a course, which allows students access even outside of their scheduled class time.

Being able to create an external link unique to each section would help greatly with classroom management and student accountability. The idea would be similar to the assignment creation process, where as you create an assignment you can choose which section of the course receive the link. Currently, this can be done in assignments, but then the students need to open the assignment and find the link and finally click on the link. Having the option to add the link to a specific section, would allow the total numbers of click to be reduced down to a single click, and only be visible and accessible to student in the specific session.

In my idea, the external link creation would also include the assign to option as below


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Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for general discussion, you might also be interested in adding your thoughts to the conversation underway at Module access to specific groups, sections or students.