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Use Course Dashboard Cards for Catalog Listing Images

Use Course Dashboard Cards for Catalog Listing Images


When creating a course in the Catalog, you must upload a thumbnail graphic for the listing.  However, the Catalog graphic is a different size than a Canvas Dashboard Card image.  This means I have to create new images or resize the ones I have, and upload them twice.  My feature request has two parts:

  1. Make the Catalog Images the same size as the Canvas Dashboard Card Images.
  2. Have the Dashboard image automatically sync to the Catalog when you pull in the course into your Catalog listing.
Status changed to: Open
Community Member

I would like to see this idea implemented as well. Our clients use catalog to tryout samples and having to resize or reupload due to sizing issues is a huge headache when it could simply be a matter of "syncing" to match. This would make things so much easier! 

New Member

I agree- this should be a feature request not a 'Open for conversation'.

having different graphic sizes is silly. The thumbnail is also cut off.

Maybe add a note or link to the doc that has the size specifications and display impacts of different sizes?