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highest attempt shown 1st in speedgrader

highest attempt shown 1st in speedgrader

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In speedgrader, when students are allowed to take multiple quiz attempts, keeping the highest score, it would be very helpful if those were the first attempts shown in speedgrader.

Instead it is randomized in order, so I was adjusting/giving feedback on lower attempts and then needing to redo my adjustments, if I even noticed - some slip through and I've corrected a version of the quiz which doesn't matter

Community Team
Community Team
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I need this to happen too! I am grading finals, and I mistakenly thought that Speedgrader was showing me the attempt with the highest score. There also used to be a button in Speedgrader that would allow you to easily toggle between attempts, and it isn't there any more. It's driving me crazy, because I have to click "See all quiz attempts" but that takes me to another page and out of Speedgrader. When I go back to Speedgrader, it will only show me the latest attempt even though I graded the first attempt and it has the highest score!