"Automatically apply deduction to late submissions" tickbox does not work

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When applying a late penalty policy (other than the issues already documented and not yet resolved - e.g. apply different policies to different assignments etc) there is a "Automatically apply deduction to late submissions" that does not work. 

If you set a lets say 10% per day penalty, and tick the "Automatically apply deduction to late submissions" tickbox, that 10% will be applied as intended. However, if you change your mind, it is not as simple as unticking that box. Instead you have to tick that box, change the 10% down to 0% and then save.

This is really bad in terms of usability and makes absolutely no sense. It seems that the only purpose of that box is to enable/disable the policy textboxes below.

Please redesign how this mechanism is presented for intuitiveness. I had to experiment a lot with this to finally figure it out.

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Community Team
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