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"Batch Edit" dates for Pages as one can with Assignments.

"Batch Edit" dates for Pages as one can with Assignments.

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Hoping that development of a "Batch Edit" for dates will appear in Pages.  The Assignments Batch Edit works great! Would love to see the same thing for Pages.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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Thanks for posting this topic. We have instructors using the Due dates for pages to populate them on the student To-do list. They thought it would be great if there was a bulk update available like there is for the assignment dates for the next semester, or course copied for another session.

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Yes! This would be a great feature! We would love to be able to bulk edit calendar reminders and to do list just like the bulk assignment update feature. 

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Yes!  Although clicking and dragging on the calendar is helpful for this, pages need to be in sequence with assignments, and any assignments with lock dates need to be changed on the bulk assignment date page.  Having to flip back and forth to fix assignments and pages gets confusing (which module was this page in again?  should it be in sequence with assignment 1 or 2?).  It would be better to have it all in one place.