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to have Turnitin option for non graded assignments

to have Turnitin option for non graded assignments

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Currently only graded assignments can have Turnitin enabled, which is a significant limitation.

We have assignments which students submit too and receive feedback, but the submission need to be check for authenticity via Turnitin. Due to the limitations of Canvas these have to be created as a graded assignment even though no grade is awarded.

Can we please have the option of scanning via turnitin submission to have non graded assignments. 

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation

@r_v_jones  We'll move this forward for broader discussion, and note that Turnitin would also need to be willing to devote resources to the development of such a request should it become prioritized, so please reach out to your contacts at Turnitin as well to let them know of your request. Thanks!