Campaigns for Campus Return

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Welcoming new and returning students to campus looks a little different this year. Due to online courses, many students have never been on campus or have not been able to be on campus for over a year! Help students get reacquainted with services designed to aid in the transition. 

In-Person Student Support Services 


This campaign serves as a template to remind students of the on-campus support services available. There is a message designed to set up a meeting time with the office of financial aid, as well as a reminder about the use of the campus counseling center. In addition, there is a template message that can be used as a listed-reminder of services provided.



Student Services for Academic Success 


This campaign, specifically, promotes academic student services to ensure a positive start to the school year. Messages include reminders to set meetings with academic advisors and to take advantage of campus tutoring services. 



Campus Housing Campaign


This campaign is designed to help students transition back to living on campus under new COVID-19 precautions. A message can be sent to returning students before the start of the semester to inform students of move-in procedures. A templated message for on-campus guests is also included with this campaign.




Updated Hours for Student Services 


As summer hours for student services draw to a close, this campaign reminds students of updated hours for the semester.




Students aren’t the only ones dealing with rapid changes on campus! These campaigns are targeted to help faculty members address concerns ranging from course copies to COVID protocols. 

Return to Campus - Faculty Resources 


This campaign is designed to help faculty return to on-campus instruction. In particular, these messages promote faculty mental and physical well-being. 




Ensuring Accessibility 


Many institutions did a great job of making sure that their online courses were accessible to all students. This campaign serves as a reminder to faculty to ensure course accessibility utilizing the University’s third-party accessibility tools.




Gradebook Training in Ultra


This campaign provides asynchronous training of faculty members for using the gradebook in Blackboard Ultra. The goal is to improve the faculty experience with Ultra, provide effective training with little effort from administrators, and reduce faculty support requests.

Preparing Courses for Fall 2021


As LMS administrators focus on ending one semester, faculty may have already begun planning for the next one. This message informs faculty about when to expect their next course shells and provides helpful support articles.




Vaccination and COVID


The safety of the campus community is on everyone’s mind as we return to in-person learning. Impact has a campaign for anything and everything regarding COVID. 


Vaccination Documentation 


This campaign is designed to remind students and instructors to upload their vaccination documentation to the appropriate repository. This campaign also includes a message regarding holds on registration until users have submitted their vaccination records. 




Vaccination Policy for Upcoming Semester


This campaign is aimed to help universities remind students of their vaccination policy for the upcoming semester.




COVID-19 Mobile App


Has your institution required students to download an app to track COVID-19 trends? Use this campaign to invite new students to download the application today!




Potential Exposure and COVID-19 Vaccination Portal Information


The messages in this campaign aim to inform students and instructors of possible COVID-19 exposures and vaccination portal information.




Campus Reopening Information 


This message is designed to communicate with students about guidelines and expectations for the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters.



If you have any questions about these campaigns or want to create more of your own, please contact your customer success manager. We look forward to helping your institutions return to campus!