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Accessibility in a Canvas Course

Accessibility in a Canvas Course

What is the purpose of this campaign?

The purpose of the campaign is to empower instructors with the ability to design their course for accessibility.

Tool categories
 The 'Accessibility' tool category should be toggled on before importing the campaign on to display the content. Click here to find out how to manage tool categories in your dashboard.


Message placement

📌 Home page                      📌 Pages overview page       📌 Modules page 


📌 Assignments page            📌 Discussions page            📌 Quizzes page 


Support Articles

Articles in this Release Campaign are custom made by Impact and cannot be previewed outside the Dashboard.

How can the impact of this campaign be measured?

Campaign engagement

Views on messages & links on support included inside messages
Views on support articles included in this campaign 

Average tool adoption

Monitors have been placed on the following pages/elements as data points to define the use of the tool

Impact 2023-09-16 at 2.28.38 PM.jpg

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