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Impact Release Notes (2022-08-02)

Impact Release Notes (2022-08-02)

In this Impact release, Walkthroughs are shown in sequential order and proactive triggers are marked automatically. Support Center Contacts are updated to support hardcoded phone numbers for institutes, a Developer Key for Canvas Impact Course Reports has been updated and Insights LTI Impact Course Reports help.eesysoft support. Additionally, accessibility updates have been made to the Inline Editor for Walkthroughs to color contrast ratios and Screenreader abilities, Impact Dashboard headers and course roles, Inline Editor icon-button and Inline Editor for Blackboard button.

Impact helps institutions improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology, while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms. Learn more about Impact by Instructure.


Other Updates



Proactive Trigger in Walkthroughs

Proactive trigger is marked automatically when creating a walkthrough in Impact Dashboard.

Sequence of Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs are shown in sequential order to the user.

Support Center

Contact Support

Hardcoded phone numbers for institutes to contact support have been updated.

LTI Tools

Impact Course Reports

A Developer Key for Canvas Impact Course Reports for LTI 1.3 has been added.


LTI Impact Course Reports

Help.eesysoft support in standalone Course Reports has been hidden.


Inline Editor for Walkthroughs

In Walkthroughs, focus button frames are visually distinguishable from the buttons.

In Walkthroughs, placeholder texts display an appropriate color contrast ratio to the background.

In Walkthroughs, texts display in the appropriate color contrast ratio.

Iframe title name is added and accessible to Screenreader users.

Button texts are accessible to Screenreader users.

In Walkthroughs, page contents are contained by landmarks.

Keyboard-only users have accessibility to buttons in the context selection bar.

Impact Dashboard

Column headers are pinned under the floating header.

Course roles are hidden from ‘assign to users’.

A scrollbar has been added to the instances list when more than four matches are found.

Inline Editor Icon-Button

Alternative (Alt) text was added to the Inline Editor icon-button.

Inline Editor for Blackboard

In Inline Editor for Blackboard, focus on the Inline Editor button is visually distinguishable.


Fixed Bugs


  • Embedded videos in Support Center Articles display appropriate scale.
  • Inline Editor for Walkthroughs ‘Save’ and ‘Unpublish’ buttons are accessible to users.
  • After users change the context of the Walkthrough steps in the Inline Editor, the message type corresponds with the associated context.
  • Course Reports loading repaired.
  • In Messaging, case differentiation is added to allow changing capitalization.
  • The personalization token’s font size in Messages is appropriate to the text.
  • Closing modals in Walkthroughs for Blackboard improved and displays appropriately.
  • Walkthrough steps display appropriately throughout.
  • Insights column, ‘Completion rate’, removed.

Change Log


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