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Impact Release Notes (2022-11-29)

Find your school's Canvas URL

To find your school or institution's Canvas URL, begin typing the name of your school/institution. Results will appear after you type at least 3 characters. For best results be as specific as possible. If you can't find your school, try using any part of your school's name or searching for your school district or state. You may also need to search for the school using the acronym or full name, for example "USU" and "Utah State University".

Impact Release Notes (2022-11-29)

In this Impact release, accessibility updates are made to Screen Reader and Keyboard-only users for messages and the button styling for the Delete and Cancel Buttons.

Impact helps institutions improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology, while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms. Learn more about Impact by Instructure.

Other Updates


Messages: Screen Reader and Keyboard-only Users

When all three types of messages are visible, Screen Reader users and Keyboard-only users navigate in the order of Popups, Systrays, and then Hint messages. After closing the hint, the Screen Reader users and the Keyboard-only users move to the next navigable element.

Button Styling

Button updates are made to the styling of the Delete and Cancel buttons.

Fixed Bugs

  • When users log in with an invalid email/password, an error message states No email password match. Or the account is inactive.
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