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Impact Release Notes (2023-01-03)

Impact Release Notes (2023-01-03)

In this Impact release, updates for User Groups include table enhancements, adding types to the table, and Subaccount Group Names. Additionally, the Support Center cache is invalidated after the user logs out.

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Updated Features


User Groups


Blog Improving Impact User Groups


Table Enhancements

Tables enhancements for User Groups have been updated to include the ability for fields to be expanded, hidden, or displayed in the dropdown list. Additionally, the table can be scrolled horizontally. Filtering options are available and the ID Column is hidden by default. Also, column titles have been renamed from Role ID to Group ID and Role Name to Group Name.

User Groups: Table EnhancementsUser Groups: Table Enhancements


User Group types are added to the table with values displayed. Tooltips are added to each type with their description.

User Groups: TypesUser Groups: Types


Subaccount Groups Names

User Group Subaccount Group Names are shown starting with the lowest level in the hierarchy. Whole Subaccount paths are offered in a tooltip and that Subaccount presentation depends on the column size.

Subaccount Group NamesSubaccount Group Names


Other Updates


Support Center

Support Center Cache

The cache for the Support Center button is invalidated after the user logs out from the LMS. After the page reloads, the Support Center custom button changes are reflected.

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