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Impact Release Notes (2023-05-31)

Impact Release Notes (2023-05-31)

In this Impact release, new content is aimed at increasing data usage in Mastery Connect campaigns. Users can also access helpful walkthroughs that guide them through the process of adding users to a course and adding a profile picture. Furthermore, the new content includes the addition of new Studio contexts and updated Blackboard Learn Ultra Campaigns. Accessibility updates are made throughout the Impact Dashboard to table structures and pagination.

Impact helps institutions improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology, while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms. Learn more about Impact by Instructure.

New Content



Mastery Connect: Increase Usage of Data

Template Preview Mastery Connect: Increase Usage of Data

Mastery Connect offers excellent insights into student performance that could help instructors make well-informed decisions and target remediation in a timely manner. Launch this campaign to promote the use of student reports.



Canvas: Add Users to a Course

Template Preview Walkthrough: Add Users to a Course

This walkthrough will guide instructors through manually adding users to their courses.

Canvas: Add a Profile Picture

Template Preview

Add a Profile Picture (Instructors)

Add a Profile Picture (Students)

Encourage users to personalize their accounts. Not only does it make them easier to find but it also allows peers, colleagues, and students to ‘put a face to the name’.



New Studio Contexts

The following templates are available to Studio users within the Inline Editor and as contexts within the Impact Dashboard, allowing more opportunities for message placement.

  • Studio Collection page: Navigation menu icon
  • Studio Collection page: Search Button
  • Add media button
  • View Studio media page: Captions tab
  • View Studio media page: Insights tab
  • View Studio media page: Comments tab
  • View Studio media page: Details tab
  • View Studio media page: Menu icon
  • View Studio media page: Select role drop-down menu
  • View Studio media page: Subscribe to comments checkbox
  • Full screen player button
  • Volume button
  • Toggle captions off button

Note: The Studio tool category should be toggled on to take advantage of these contexts.


Blackboard Learn Ultra

Blackboard Learn Ultra Campaign Improvements

The following Blackboard Ultra campaigns have been simplified and improved. 

  • Using the navigation menu inside a Learn Ultra course: Instructors
  • Using the navigation menu inside a Learn Ultra course: Students
  • Setting up your new course in Blackboard Ultra: Instructors

Note: Import the campaigns as a new draft to utilize the campaigns. The campaigns that currently reside in the Campaign Overview do not dynamically update.


Other Updates



Impact Dashboard

The ul element for pagination within Impact Dashboard displays appropriately for Screen Reader users.

The Impact Dashboard table structure is updated and displays as a header cell. Additionally, screen readers accurately convey this update.

The Impact Dashboard table checkboxes are updated to include the label ‘Select to edit row selection with id xxx’. This improvement ensures a clear and more intuitive user experience when selecting rows for editing. Additionally, screen readers accurately convey this update.

In the Impact Dashboard, when a hyphen is present in a table, screen readers provide the explanation as 'dash'; Additionally, screen readers are able to read out the pinned icons representing items created with the usage of specific contexts.


Fixed Bugs


  • In the new Canvas Discussions reply tray, when the reply tray is open and the Inline Editor is enabled, the Inline Editor button is hidden beneath the reply tray. Users can use the Inline Editor by opening Inline Editor and selecting the navigation toggle. Then, open the reply tray, switch off the navigation toggle, and create a helpitem in the reply tray. Additionally, when the Canvas reply tray is open and the Support Center button is on the right edge of the window, the Support Center button is hidden beneath the reply tray.
  • Message Insights displays the correct number of pages for the All comments table. Additionally, new content is rendered when switching between pages and changing rows per page.
  • A helpitem displays appropriately when created on the Canvas Profile Picture icon.
  • Message Insights and data display appropriately.
  • Users without Walkthrough, Message, and Article edit permissions will not see bulk edit options.
  • In the Blackboard Support Center, articles display appropriately and can be viewed in the Support Center Categories.
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