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Impact Release Notes (2023-06-07)

Impact Release Notes (2023-06-07)

In this Impact release, accessibility updates are made to the Impact Dashboard, User Groups, LTI Tools, Users and Permissions, Messages, and the Support Center.

Impact helps institutions improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology, while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms. Learn more about Impact by Instructure.

Other Updates



Impact Dashboard

Throughout the Impact Dashboard, individual items in table rows receive focus from Keyboard-only and Screenreader users. The Create New buttons are read to Screenreader users as ‘Create a new message/walkthrough/article/campaign’ when on respective pages, and the pagination descriptive labels display appropriately for Screenreader users.

User Groups

On the User Groups page, tooltips in the type column are accessible to Keyboard-only and Screenreader users with added labels.

LTI Tools

On the LTI Tool Launches page, URLs are accessible by Screenreader users and users can hear the whole URL using text navigation shortcuts.

Users and Permissions

On the Users and Permissions page, avatars are marked as decorative and not reachable by Screenreader users.

On the Users and Permissions page within the Feature Permissions tab, tooltips in the table are accessible to Keyboard-only and Screenreader users and alt text is added to images in the table and accessible to Screenreader users. Additionally, while clicking on the collapsable groups in the Permissions column, the screen reader informs the user about the element.


On the Messages page within individual messages, Screenreader users can reach the Message Type section through text navigation shortcuts, and the icons are marked as decorative and not reachable to Screenreader users.

On the Messages page within Edit Message, when a help item type is changed, it is communicated to Screenreader users. Additionally, if the text element with the type is focused, the screen reader plays a bubble sound. 

When the Custom Script modal is opened within Edit Message, the screenreader focus goes to the editor field and the screenreader reads labels. Additionally, the focus of the screenreader is locked inside the modal so the users will not go to the main page and the user needs to click one of the buttons to exit.

On the Messages page in the presentation section on the Edit Message page, the unit is added to the label on Height and Width steppers.

Support Center

In the Support Center within the Design tab, the screen reader states what option label the user is currently on in the Themes section.

In the Support Center within the Routing & Availability tab, clock icons have been marked as decorative and not reachable by Screenreader users.


Fixed Bugs


  •  When a Walkthrough is displayed on different tabs or browsers, the progress of the visited steps is saved and the user can continue the Walkthrough steps in a separate tab or browser.
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