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Impact Release Notes (2024-05-02)

Impact Release Notes (2024-05-02)

In this Impact release, updated features include Tool Adoption and Message Insights and updated accessibility features for Messages and Walkthroughs.

Impact helps institutions improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology, while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms. Learn more about Impact by Instructure.

Updated Features


Tool Adoption

Create Event Modal

In a campaign’s Tool Adoption Create Event modal, the Create Item button name is changed to Create Event.

Tool Adoption: Create Event ModalTool Adoption: Create Event Modal


Message Insights

Clicks Recorded

Clicks are recorded inside of Message Insights.


Other Updates



Messages and Walkthroughs

The following are accessibility improvements to messages and walkthroughs:

  • Pop-up messages display alt texts with additional information and are reachable to the screen reader.
  • The focus ring displays appropriately for messages and walkthroughs.
  • When creating messages and walkthroughs in the RCE, H2 is only present in the heading of the messages and the dialog presents only headings lower than H2.
  • Walkthrough End Pop-up message titles are set to H2.
  • The Skip Feeback button is removed from messages. To skip feedback, users can unselect the thumbs up/down buttons.
  • In Messages and Walkthroughs, after skipping or submitting feedback, the screen reader focus remains in the dialog box where the last interaction was triggered.
  • Keyboard-only and Screen Reader users can move between a Systray message and the webpage.
  • Systray messages display appropriately to all screen sizes.
  • Systray message elements are accessible to Keyboard-only users and hyperlinks in the text are in tab order.
  • On the Messages page, the Import Personalized Link Data modal is accessible to Screen Reader users.
  • Systray messages contain focus when navigating with Keyboard-only and Screen Reader users.


Fixed Bugs


  •  In the Support Center, all users can submit an email form and reveal a phone number.
  • The Preset Voting Option for messaging in the Support Center displays appropriately when turned on and is not present when turned off.
  • Bullet points inside messages and walkthrough steps assigned to any context in Mastery Connect display appropriately.

Change Log


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