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Impact Release Notes (2024-05-22)

Impact Release Notes (2024-05-22)

In this Impact release, Accessibility updates are implemented for personalized links, LTI Tools, messages and walkthroughs. The Inline Editor text font has been updated.

Impact helps institutions improve technology adoption and evaluate the impact of educational technology, while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms. Learn more about Impact by Instructure.


Other Updates



Personalized Links

The following are accessibility improvements in the Import Personalized Link Data dialog during message creation.

  • The Choose a file to upload text is underlined.
  • Decorative images display appropriately in Chrome.
  • The Link details title is removed.
  • The error message is announced by the screen reader when the user attempts to import data without uploading a file first.
  • After a file is successfully uploaded, screen reader users receive a successful upload notification.
  • Longer uploaded file names are displayed appropriately and wrapped within the dialog box on smaller screens.
  • Tooltips display appropriately on smaller screens.
  • Tooltips are accessible by screen reader and keyboard-only users using keyboard navigations.


LTI Tools

Tooltips display appropriately for LTI groups.


Messages and Walkthroughs

The following are accessibility improvements to messages and walkthroughs.

  • In the End this Walkthrough message in a walkthrough, the panda image is labeled as decorative and is not accessible to screen reader users.
  • If a message size is larger than the screen, a scroll bar is displayed to ensure the entire message can be viewed.


Inline Editor


All Inline Editor text fonts are changed to Lato font.


Fixed Bugs


  •  In Mastery Connect, bullet points in messages and walkthroughs display appropriately.
  • In messages and walkthroughs, the Don’t Show this Again checkbox displays appropriately for Canvas users and retains focus for Screen Reader users.
  • Resetting Message Views for individual users works as intended.

Change Log


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