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Promote 1 On 1 Faculty Consultations Using Calendly

Promote 1 On 1 Faculty Consultations Using Calendly

Applicable Learning Management System(s): Blackboard

Campaign Description: To increase 1 on 1 Faculty Training and consultation sessions on the use of Blackboard with the instructional designer

Success Criteria: If there is an increased registration of 1 on 1 Faculty consultations with the instructional designer

Submitted by (and on behalf of, if applicable): Annelise Ewing Goodman on behalf of CCAC


1-1 Faculty Blackboard Consultations

Popup message on Bb homepage containing Calendly widget to promote 1 on 1 Faculty Consultations about the use of Blackboard with the lead Instructional Designer

Location: Course Home

Audience: Instructors

Content Type: pop-up message



Copy Message Content: 

1-1 Faculty Blackboard faculty consultations.

Faculty blackboard consultations are returning to the learn basics of Blackboard, work within any of the tools within Blackboard, learn about new features, or troubleshoot any blackboard issues. Click the calendly calendar to schedule a time.

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