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Reminder To Use Blackboard Collaborate

Reminder To Use Blackboard Collaborate

Applicable Learning Management System(s): Blackboard Ultra, Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L

Campaign Description: Students in a virtual class setting often have to log into multiple video platforms to access all of their classes. With choices ranging from Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, WebEx, and more, many universities are requiring or suggesting a preference toward one video platform to create consistency across courses. This hint message will inform faculty of the preferred video platform Blackboard Collaborate but can be adjusted to reference any platform.

Success Criteria: Faculty is informed about university preferences for virtual classroom video platforms.

Submitted by (and on behalf of, if applicable): Katie van den Berk


Using Blackboard Collaborate for Virtual Classes

The faculty are informed about university preferences for virtual classroom video platforms.

Location: Course Home

Audience: Instructors

Content Type: hint message



Copy Message Content: 

Have you considered which video platform you are using for your virtual classes this year?

While all video platforms are allowed, the university encourages the use of Blackboard Collaborate because students can reach out to university support when tech issues arise. Additionally, because it is located within Blackboard, no need to worry about privacy issues or downloading any software!

Centralizing virtual classroom platforms in the same locations throughout courses eliminates confusion for students and creates consistency among faculty. You can access Blackboard Collaborate here.

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