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Using Knowmia To Reduce Zoom Video Storage At San Juan College

Using Knowmia To Reduce Zoom Video Storage At San Juan College

Applicable Learning Management System(s): Canvas

Campaign Description: As more courses feature recorded online lectures, storage space both in your LMS and Zoom cloud are at a premium. San Juan College wanted to reduce the use of their Zoom cloud before it reached peak limits and utilized the Knowmia tool to upload videos to classes, edit videos, and provide captioning. However, they needed more support for the tool and to inform faculty, leading to their Knowmia Campaign.

Success Criteria: Increased adoption of Knowmia and decreased use of Zoom cloud storage

Submitted by (and on behalf of, if applicable): San Juan College


Using Knowmia with Zoom

This systray appears on the Zoom page in inform faculty of how to use Knowmia and guide them to support articles in the EesySupport Center.

Location: On Zoom Page

Audience: Instructors

Content Type: Systray Message


Copy Message Content: 

Did you know you can upload Zoom videos into Knowmia to add captions, edit content, and more?
TechSmith Knowmia (formerly known as Relay) is a video capturing and captioning tool that is available to all San Juan College faculty, staff and students.
TechSmith Knowmia allows you to:
– Create introduction videos easily using a webcam.
– Create instructional videos easily by screen recording within your web browser or Canvas.
– Generate or add closed captions to videos using the built-in speech-to-text tool.
– Share your videos with a link or by embedding them in Canvas or placing it on the SJC Website.
– Monitor who is watching the videos and how much of the videos they are watching using built in analytics tool.
– Create quizzes within a video that will automatically send scores to the Canvas grade book.
Check out some articles on Knowmia here: (Note: would need to be uploaded to support center, not out of the box.)
Recording Videos with Knowmia
Creating Video Captions on Knowmia
Editing and Sharing Videos on Knowmia


Custom Knowmia Articles in Support Center

To accompany the messaging, the university uploaded customized support articles about Knowmia and added a button in the first “Suggested Help” page to guide users.

Location: Support Center

Audience: Instructors

Content Type: Support Article

Copy Message Content: 


Awareness of Support Center

To also drive usage of the support center, and in turn Knowmia articles, they also included a hint informing users of the support center purpose in Canvas.

Location: Course Home Page

Audience: Instructors and Students

Content Type: Hint Message


Copy Message Content: 

Hi {{user.first_name}},
Do you need some assistance with Canvas? Click on the Help icon to open the On-Demand Support Center! 
Depending on your role and where you are within Canvas, the most relevant articles and support videos are selected for you to help solve common problems with Canvas and it’s third party tools. 
Can’t find your answer? Submit a ticket through the support center for timely, effective help from the San Juan IT Team. 
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