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Dashboard Quick Feature Symbols

I called canvas to ask if there was a way to customize what symbols/categories that you want at the bottom of your dashboard card for 1 click easy access.  They said "no".  That would be so much better if I could customize what I want at the bottom of each card, instead of it having just the "announcements, assignments, discussions and files".  I never need to access "files" quickly.  I do however need to access people daily and quickly but there is no option for this.  I have to click 2-3 times before I get to activity for a student.  That's ridiculous when you have to take attendance DAILY and for multiple students and multiple classes.  It's too time consuming.

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I use clickable links in an excel spreadsheet to hyperlink to the pages I need most like a students grade card, Student Interactions Report to email a student easier, grade history, gradebook, and discussions.

I've never used their links.

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Community Coach

Hello there, @mandeejo ...

Your posting sounds like a great candidate for you to submit as a Feature Idea here in the Community.  Would you be willing to submit that?  You can do it from any screen here in the Community...clicking on the PRODUCT menu and then selecting IDEA CONVERSATIONS.  You'll then want to click on the "Suggest an idea" button.  Check out these documents as you are creating your Feature Idea:

(These links are also found on the right side of the page to start your Feature Idea.)

I hope these resources will be of help to you.  Let Community members know if you have any questions about this...thanks!