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Speed Grader with Groups

I have 2 assignments that are group assignments and the rest are individual. I have them set up correctly I believe. I have divided the class of 166 students into groups. For the group assignments, I marked them as such and put to use the Assignment Groups. For the other assignments, I did not check the group assignment box. However, speed grader is still divided by group. This makes grading more cumbersome as I have to go in and out of speed grader for each group... and there's 33 of them. Is there a way to enter speed grader and grade all 166 students at once? Many thanks! 

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Community Advocate

Howdy @foreverlaur 

Thanks for your question. When you go into Speedgrader it sounds like it is defaulting to group view. If you go into Settings, to the Course Details tab- there should be a section for "large group" where you can select/unselect "Launch SpeedGrader Filtered by Student Group." If you de-select it you can easily move from one student to another in speedgrader.

Hope that helps,

Sky V.

I don't see the "Launch" button anywhere.

Howdy @kwalkerERA ,

There is not a "launch" button.

There is a box to check in settings that states, "Launch SpeedGrader Filtered by Student Group" on the Settings link in Course Details tab.

Screenshot 2021-01-13 101836.jpg

How to enable Speedgrader to launch by group

Hope that helps,

Sky V.