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The Academic Strategy Team • Our Mission

The Academic Strategy Team • Our Mission


The Instructure Academic Strategy Team, led by the Chief Academic Officer, is dedicated to fostering growth and innovation in the academic experience for educators and learners, worldwide. Our mission is to collect, curate, and share thought leadership within the global education community in order to drive equitable and inclusive lifelong learning experiences.

We will focus on four key areas of work:

  • Thought Leadership - Ensure Instructure is your trusted partner in addressing the challenges that you are facing today (and well into the future) through meaningful discussions, dialogue, research, and community engagement.
  • Stakeholder Engagement -  Engage in the conversations shaping global, lifelong education wherever they’re occuring. Be fully present in education, government, NGO, community, and industry activities directing and resourcing educational opportunities for lifelong learners.
  • Employee Enrichment - Educate our amazing employees on our shared mission and culture, the challenges and opportunities facing educators, and the role Instructure technologies play in the both the continuous improvement of and innovation in education.
  • Growth and Opportunity - Enable your success through creative partnerships, convening activities, and professional development opportunities that best support you, your fellow educators and your learners.
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