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The Impactful Eight

The Impactful Eight



Education & Industry Partnerships. To drive learner success and workforce viability, education and industry must work collaboratively together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. 

Workforce alignment; Government engagement & resourcing; Evolution of the role of education; The construction of our future society


Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness. In an era of scarce resources, education organizations must be able to evaluate the success of the learning technologies they employ and ensure their scalability across their extended community. 

Technology & practices ROI; Cybersecurity & safety; People sourcing, retention & ongoing development; Driving innovation at scale


Assessment Lifecycle: From Skills to Success. Educational, industry, and government organizations must rethink and reimagine key aspects of the assessment lifecycle, from individual skill evaluation to continuous organizational improvement, in order to address learner needs and wants.

Skill assessment; Formative assessment; Authentic & applied assessment; Outcomes, course & program assessment


Data, Decisions & Design. Data-driven decision-making must extend to design, where data directs, assesses, and improves learning journey design. 

Systems & processes at scale; Continuous program & organizational improvement; Advanced research; Privacy, security & accessibility


Lifelong Learning. Learning does not stop at the diploma, degree, or even credential. Education must enable a learner to respond to community, workforce, and societal changes in real-time. 

Learner agency; Student success prediction & intervention; Whole student support; Flexible delivery & design


Generative AI in Education. Educators are cautiously optimistic about the impact of generative AI on education, however they are hungry for insights into how to navigate the world of AI and for examples of real impact on business and student outcomes. 

Administrative efficiency; Content creation & management; Assessment & academic integrity; Role of the educator.


Pathing, Tracking, & Demonstrating Learning. With learning happening both within and outside of the traditional degree/diploma, education organizations must deliver meaningful opportunities for learners to actualize their paths to success, track what they have accomplished, and demonstrate their capabilities outwardly.

Personalized learning; Reflection & connection; Learner record alignment; Recommendation for paths & outcomes


The Future of Learning. What we know about how and why we learn has expanded. The contexts in which we learn have evolved. Education must re-assess what we know today about learning to lay the foundation for the future. 

Space continuum (virtual to physical); Emerging learning and engagement science; Experiential learning & apprenticeships; Awareness of ourselves as learners

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