An 'alternative' to H5P - CurrikiStudio

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Community Coach

I am a long-time fan of any digital tool that interacts with and engage the learner and integrate with the learning platform. This is why I was such a big supporter and regular user of H5P. Somewhere online there is a now rather old blogpost about this - H5P - Free Interactive Content Creation with HTML5 - Instructure Community (

H5P have two packages available. The version is free and has a limited number of apps. The paid for version H5P as a Service - is superb and allows you to create a hub for your school, set up users and folders and provide seamless ways to share quizzes. For the subscription you also get a very impressive integration package with Canvas that works so simply and seamlessly.

When I left the organisation, I no longer had access to the tools. There are only a few quiz tools out there as engaging as H5P and also free - LearningApps - interactive and multimedia learning blocks is quite possibly the only one left?

Thats when I discovered Curriki Studio

The site is free, you just need to create an account. You have access to all your favourite quizzes from H5P and more. The site also has numerous how-to videos to take you step by step though each quiz type. You can store and save your quizzes in Projects which allows you to easily link to multiple quizzes along the same subject. You can also embed individual ones as you wish with iframe coding.

Here is a video from Curriki giving an overview - CurrikiStudio Overview - YouTube

If you want to go down the integration route with Canvas then this is possible too as a paid experience (not sure quite how much as yet)

I love their philosophy - Education resources should be open, free and easy to create - (too many) existing resources are not!

Let me know what you think!