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Anyone else using Pearson TCC's on Canvas App?

We are currently using the Thin Common Cartridges given to us from Pearson for our digital textbooks, and while this works fine on the computer, use of them through the Canvas App is problematic. When I go to click on the textbook to "Open in a new window" nothing happens. I am just curious if anyone else is having this problem? Is there some sort of pop-up blocker built into the app? I am just trying to figure out how to make this work for our teachers and kids. 

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I'm hoping someone else can respond with a more firm answer but I thought I would try to help in case no one else has tried this. We were evaluating some Pearson stuff in our Math curriculum adoption and their textbook links were all shockwave/flash stuff. Which does not work on mobile devices of course. So I'm wondering if those links do not work through the app because it's Flash content?

I've actually contacted Pearson. They told me they code the TCC's with HTML 5, not Flash. Also, some of the TCC content works as long as it opens within the Canvas window. It only does not if I have pick "Open a new window."

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Community Team

Hi  @arnold_cassie ‌ - It's been about a year since there has been activity in this thread. Would you like me to keep it open? chance, do you have an update you could share?

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I haven't taken the opportunity to check what changes have been made to Quizzes: Next, so I don't know if this issue has been resolved by the developers or not.


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