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Community Team
Community Team

Apps, Tools, Pages, Embeddable Resources

Hi! As many of us begin a new semester, I have a question that I think could open an interesting conversation!

What are your favorite "extras" you embed into your Canvas course content, activities, discussions, etc?

If you share, it would be awesome to hear how you use it, what the students think about it, how simple it is to implement, and what the cost is for a single teacher.

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Community Team
Community Team

Padlet - I use Padlet as an item in my Course Navigation. My art students enjoy contributing to our gallery and collaborative resource collecting pages. There's a great free option available.

Google Slides - With students learning in many locations, I embed my Google Slides rather than linking them. It's one less place to get lost, but it's a great resource for quick review. 


Nearpod-embed into a page and use NP Current events lessons.  I use it in our all-student Canvas course as a self-paced lesson. *We do have a district license for Nearpod*