Avoiding the "Try this Tech Tool" trap..

Community Coach
Community Coach

I read this great post by Bobby Pedersen‌ called Horse Before the Cart. Purpose first, Canvas second.‌ In it she included this powerful comment from Kelley L. Meeusen‌ which said:

I never start with, "This is what this tech can do for you." or with "You can do this with this tech." I always start with, "What would you like to be able to do?" Then I show them how it can be done with that tech or some other tech.’

As an advocate of Web2 tools such as H5P, Quizlet and LearningApps within Canvas, my question for discussion is this:

How does one go about encouraging staff to adopt new tools within a learning platform without falling into the "Try this Tech Tool" trap..?

Would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, experiences, counter arguments!