Best Practices and Exemplary Lesson Course

As we are hitting the midway point, I thought a refresher on best practices would be helpful for our teachers, so I am creating a course and enrolling our staff as students. I am also going to illustrate these best practices by importing Exemplary lessons from each division level (Elementary, Middle and High School). This way our staff can look at lessons through a student's eyes.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 2.37.39 PM.pngWhat are some reminders you feel teachers need sometimes? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy

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Our teachers that have used images on their course settings have found it very helpful.  It gives them a generic way to reference their course in things they give students and parents.   You can't use use the course name or color since each person could have changed the color and created a nickname.   The image stays consistent. 

We regularly create things we call Canvas Quick Tips.  These are one-pages that we print on card stock and distribute to all teachers.   I wish I could have all documentation on-line and I do have a copy on-line but many of my teachers want paper.  They put these quick tips in binders.  We have one that is just basic tips.   Setting your homepage, linking with Google docs, adding apps, and that type of thing.  We have one that is just tables.  Our next one I think will be about Speedgrader features.

One other thing that we are publishing right now is what is new.   Trying to get our teachers to start using Mastery Paths and that type of thing.  For us a new semester starts after break and it is actually new courses for all our secondary teachers so a good time to implement new things.

Love the Canvas Quick tips idea and all of you suggestions, Teri! Thank you.