Breakout Digitally! Use Canvas Modules to Create Fun Lessons

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Using the Modules feature of Canvas, you will be creating a collaborative and interactive escape room to help students either complete a new concept or review.

Let's start from the beginning of where this concept came from - 

What is BreakoutEDU?

  • Breakout EDU was inspired by the Escape Room movement
  • Students solve puzzles to open locks and collaborate to meet an end goal
  • These games foster critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving and can be used in all content areas
  • Fun & engaging hands-on learning

Why Use Canvas?

  • Digital Learning Management system adopted by many public, private schools and universities.
  • Students already have understanding of how to use Canvas
  • Sections can be password protected (locked)
  • Easily add pictures without the picture being broken or blocked

How Do You Make an Escape the Room Using Canvas?

How do you create and share BreakoutEDU


"Escape the Room" using Canvas?


1. Make a module by titling – make sure you publish it!

2. Step 2: Add a “quiz” named “Lock 1” and create instructions, or a description, of what your escape the room is about. You may or may not choose to add a passcode to Lock 1. Make sure you publish it!

3. Add a “quiz” for each additional lock you intend to have – make sure you publish it!

  • Your access code for the next lock should be the answer or combination of answers from your puzzles from the previous lock. For example, the content puzzle answers for Lock 2 will be the access code to open Lock 3.
  • Remind students that access codes can be case sensitive, if you chose.
  • Allow students to have multiple attempts
  • Use the questions tab at the top and use one question to add content.
  • Chose the “Text (no question)” question type

4. Add content to each lock –If you are creating pictures from an external source, please screen clip to make sure your students can see it. All links you provide for puzzles may or may not work depending on filters. You may want to check the links, pictures, and interactive features on as student’s account just to make sure all of them work and aren’t blocked.

5. Make sure to remember to tell students to hit “Submit Quiz” and then click “Next” to get to the next lock. They will have to click “Take the Quiz” and then enter the access code they think will unlock the next lock.

6. Create a worksheet where students can write down puzzle and hint answers to keep track – and create a list of passwords for yourself in case you make some interesting passwords! You can also see your access codes on each of the quiz descriptions in teacher view on Canvas.

I have created a template that can be edited and added to, that you can find in the Canvas Commons:

Essentially you need to complete a rough draft of what you want your escape the room to be:

1.  What standards is it covering?
2.  Lessons topic(s)?
3.  What graphics or puzzles will need to be created prior to creating the module?  For example, will you be using an outside source to add to one of your locks?  Do the students need to decode or solve something to get the password?
Here is a document that will help you create your puzzles:

From there, create each lock using content from a lesson or a review.  I have done both, and the students have so much fun completing this, whether alone or in groups!

Also, please either print or have students make their own copy of the hints/passwords on a worksheet you create or electronically.  This way, if students have to wait to complete, they can easily start where they left off.