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Canvas Student App crashing when loading file from CamScanner

I've been having my students submit handwritten work using CamScanner and the Canvas Student App.  It's been working fine all school year until this weekend.  Now, some of my students are reporting that the Canvas Student App crashes when trying to transfer a pdf file from CamScanner to the Canvas Student App.  Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Any suggestions as to how to remedy the problem would be appreciated.  I know the iPhone version of the app was recently updated, and I am wondering if it is no longer compatible with CamScanner.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @bcharous  - I'm sorry to hear that CamScanner is causing issues with Canvas Student. There was a release this weekend that updated some bugs. The first step is to make sure that your phone, Canvas Student, and CamScanner are all up-to-date. Sometimes uninstalling and then reinstalling apps helps too. 

Update, update, update. We are one-to-one iPads, and every time something gets updated, all the rest of it has to be updated as well. The CamScanner thing seemed to affect other apps as well. So, here's our little checklist for fixing this problem;

1) Make sure you're on the network and the right one (our guest network doesn't allow updates)

2) Clear the cache/history of any app you're trying to use, if applicable

3) Check to see if there's an iOS update; if so, run it

4) Reboot the iPad by holding down both buttons

5) For teacher iPads, update everything you're using from the AppStore

6) Turn on your Location setting if it is off. Sometimes that works for reasons we don't understand. You might need to reboot again at this point.

7) Uninstall Canvas and reinstall it from the school's AppPortal if nothing else seems to work

Our students can't update apps manually, so sometimes we have to wait a few days for our IT folks to test and push out new app versions. It's a constant battle with the iPads.

I should note that my own children, who have Windows laptops in the same district where I teach, do not have these update issues with Canvas. Everything pretty much seems to work most of the time.

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Hi Becky, 

We (Inkerz) are creating an app that turns any pen and any paper into a smart pen! It allows you to have all the handwritten work directly uploaded into canvas, and make it interactive, without having to take or upload photos. Are you going to be at the conference in Denver? We would love to chat with you about your classroom needs and see if we can solve any of the issues you are facing. 


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 I can confirm that this is only happening on iOS devices and that the app crashes no matter where the file comes from. Be it CamScanner or your photo library. 

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