Canvas saved my life!

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Canvas saved my life! Canvas is a great tool to integrate in the classroom for the students, but especially the teacher! I have just finished a professional development for Canvas, and I am wondering why I didn't use Canvas in my classroom last year?! 

Going into the next school year I plan to use Canvas in my Spanish classroom. 

differentiation‌ is super easy to do with Canvas! Each student can move along through modules at their own pace. This ensures that the students that may be having some trouble with an assignment can have the appropriate amount of time that they need to complete an assignment, while making sure that they "high fliers" are not getting bored. To make sure that the students have completed one task before moving on to the next, you have the option to label modules as prerequisites in the settings.

discussion is made easy in Canvas! In my Spanish classroom I plan to create topics for the students to discuss through the group discussion feature. There is also a setting that can be added for students to be required to reply prior to seeing their classmates post. How awesome is that?! This decreases the chances of them being able to copy from one of their peers.


The quizzes can be set to allow one attempt or multiple attempts. The quiz option also can grade itself if the quiz is multiple choice timesaver‌

Keeping in touch with parents

By implementing Canvas in my classroom, the students will have access to all work and notes at all times. There parents will also have access to the page to see what we are doing in class. They will also have access to my contact information through the homepage.

I am very excited to start using Canvas next school year!

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