Class on Mathematics Growth Mindset for online educators

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I loved the first course I took on Growth Mindset; however, I am an online educator of tenth graders who are not required to attend livelessons. I work to inspire them to attend, I can reach them through either a message board or a Padlet, webmail, text message, or phone. I put together a weekly newsletter that not only states whats on the menu but provides humor, information on past and present mathematician including the 16-year-old who solved a theorem - stuff like that, mistakes like our post-its, or careers, I use the Math a Day calendar in my opening chat room - open 10 minutes prior to class start.  I provide direct instruction and worked problem pre-recorded videos (as I do a sort of flipped classroom) I would love to have ideas on how best to inspire my mathematical scholars to choose to attend and be more engaged in the synchronous available learning.  I offer voluntary discussions every third Tuesday where we see what maths is being done in the world, about 1/8 of my students attend these. I send e-cards on e day and pi day and even Pythagorean Triples If one is available. Many of my students are hear due to past bullying or severe anxiety - so we do have a private chat. But it is tough getting that maths discourse that is so valuable. So would love to attend a class that can provide me with awesome workable ideas. I use smartlearning suites love that I can switch from a whole class whiteboard, to work groups, to single user. With the new C-19 world I think we all could now use this.

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