Community Collaboration K-6

Community Champion

Recently  @craig_nicholls  and I collaborated using the Canvas Free for Teacher instance. As we are from different states it just seemed easier that way. Although Free For Teachers didn’t have the usual bells and whistles we are used to in our own instances it served our purpose well. 

Craig and I had never met in person before, had only interacted in the APAC group and ‘seen’ each other about in the Canvas Community. But we had found a shared Canvas K-6 passion and wanted to spread the word at Canvas Con Sydney 2019. Our education worlds are totally different really, but we share the same curriculum and see the huge potential that Canvas offers our learners, even the little guys.  

Over a couple of weeks we developed our Canvas course to showcase the challenges and celebrations of Canvas K-6. We kept it simple and have made it accessible to participants of CanvasCon Sydney, then in Canvas Commons. Not bad for a couple of strangers. 

Eventually meeting in person, just before our presentation, was just so easy. Even doing a quick practice on the sidewalk of Darling Harbour seemed quite normal.   @craig_nicholls  Thank You you were a star to work with. 

Why let all that work end in Australia? Here’s your self-enrol link to share the challenges and celebrations too.